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The Best Poker In The World

For the world’s largest poker players, poker isn’t just games reserved for weekend trips to casinos. It is a way of life that is a means of livelihood.

With no more effort, here is the wealthiest poker player in the world.

How can Vanessa Russo become wealthy with a hat filled with patrons? A child genius, Russo has been playing poker since he was five, but unlike most of his time, Russo graduated from school and graduated at record speed. Russo graduated from Duke University in two and a half years.

From there, she moved to Miami University Law School, where she stopped schooling to pursue a poker profession. She returned to earn a degree in 2018 and graduated with Magna and Honor. In addition to poker, Rousso has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit version and is consistently ranked among the most entertaining players in gambling. So far, Rousso hasn’t won the WSOP bracelet.

Originally from England, Live Boeree is one of the best players in poker. Prior to poker, Borley graduated from school with a bachelor’s degree in astrophysics. Boeree has a strong belief in statistics, odds, and information, and started poker on reality television shows educated by some of the world’s leading players such as Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke.

From that point on, her unique abilities helped her career take off to new heights. Boeree has one WSOP bracelet that makes you one of the greatest female poker celebrities ever. Outside of poker, Boeree happened to offer TED Talks, appeared on several British television shows, and released many articles for major publications like

Jason Mercier, a five-time world collection of poker bracelets, may currently be just the best poker player in the world. In 2009, Bluff Magazine received the prestigious honor of being named the World Collection of Poker Player of the Year by calling the Player of the Year Mercier in 2016. Mercier grew up in Hollywood, Florida, and was the right title for a man heading to a casino.

In high school, Mercier was a four-year letterman in baseball, basketball and soccer. As a senior, he was an all-broward county basketball player on Team 1 and attended Florida Atlantic University (for just one year). Today, Mercier is a father, husband and the best player in the world.

British Sam Trickett needs to catch the world collection of poker bracelets, one of the best poker prizes. Even without the bracelet, Trickett performed very well in poker as he rejoined the match in 2005. An unfortunate accident ended his football career. Replacing the green grass on the soccer field with the green felt on the poker table, Trickett was one of England’s most prosperous players.


In 2011, Tricket won the European Poker Player of the Year and was named the UK’s Best Money Player. In the key to Tricket’s achievements? A healthy diet. Trickett firmly believes that a healthy diet is easy for your body to digest, allowing you to release the brain functions you need and focus on poker.

Tom Dwan, proud of Edison, NJ, has built an outstanding career. Dwan graduated from high school and enrolled at Boston University. But like many other people who have this list, getting flashy paper isn’t worth it, and Dwan dropped out to find other types of newspapers, cold and hard cash.


Dwan is proud to own a bracelet, but don’t be fooled by the details. Dwan was one of the up-and-coming stars in these games and made a fortune in just a few years of play. So far, Dan has earned $ 10 million and has been looking for him to win the first WSOP bracelet in the next few years.

Doug Pork has always been a free thinker, as he says on his site. Having been involved in planning games since he was young, it’s no surprise that poker sports lacked a poker mind. Pork in front of the card was enthusiastic about chess and video games, but their business is in the millions.

After graduating from high school, poker dropped out and dropped out, making poker a full-time profession. Since its bold move, Pork has won three WSOP bracelets, conquered the robot in Texas Hold’em’s highly published game, and is also one of the most stable winners on the planet.

Professional gambler Gashansen is not unfamiliar with suffering big losses. He is not a stranger when it comes to winning big. Hansen is from Denmark and has one WSOP bracelet. And he has gained some fame because he is enthusiastic about his gambling behavior and betting on almost everything. Hansen won a big poker crack while being a transfer student at UC Santa Cruz. Since that time, Hansen has proven to have earned millions of dollars in multiplayer games, both online and face-to-face.